The Earth Needs A BREATHER TOO.

Over the last ten years, we've produced more plastic than the whole of the last century and there are traces of microplastics in human blood. Plastics are suffocating the earth in an irreversible manner. NOW is the time to make the change. Each & everyone of us can help in not worsening the conditions by choosing what is right for the planet & themselves. With Imvelo, we try & bring forward the eco-friendly counterparts to your daily hygiene products. Our line of products come with Non-Plastic Packaging, making them even better for the environment. We are trying our bit to bring forward what's best for the environment & you can do the same, by choosing what's right!
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Little Choices Makes Big Differences

A small step in the right direction paves way for a beautiful future. Imvelo started in 2020, with a dream to make a sustainable lifestyle accessible to all. Our products range from being biodegradable, plastic-free, compostable, and odor-free. At Imvelo, we believe in ensuring your sustainable practices are delivered right to your doorstep- with a perfect balance of care, love and efficiency.