It’s time you should switch to Soy Wax!

It’s time you should switch to Soy Wax!

Fragrant candles can elevate the atmosphere of your surroundings beautifully. The scents that waft through the room can uplift your mood and set the tone right. While aromatic candles can help solve your end-of-day woes- you should know what their constituents are.

Sustainably composed candles are good for your health and the planet. Enriched with natural goodness, soy candles have risen as the perfect alternative to paraffin. While they might look similar on the label the next time you pick one off the aisle or add it to your cart, paraffin and soy wax candles have important distinctions. More importantly, these distinctions have a considerable impact on sustainability and well-being.

All Fragrance candles are bound to create some soot, which is a result of combustion of carbon-based products. Naturally, soot is a by-product of lighting up a candle- but the amount of it being produced can be controlled. Since Soy wax is naturally-derived, there is minimal soot produced. This means that your candle container will not be blackened with soot smudges and keep the area near the candle clean.

Additionally, as the soot can mix into the air circulation, paraffin candles might sometimes stain curtains and things around. A cleaner, greener, and better alternative is switching to soy wax candles.

As the winter chill approaches the country, soy wax candles turn out to be ideal for setting the perfect atmosphere. Since the crystal structures of soy wax offer the candles a lower melting point, which allows the candle to burn in lower temperatures and stay that way. Additionally, soy wax takes longer to burn up- which indicates that the candles will last longer than paraffin wax.
Not only are soy wax candles free of toxins, they leave a cleaner environmental footprint. Infused with beautiful scents, these candles are available over a range of fragrances. Choosing the right candles can help your lifestyle go hand-in-hand with organic product use and sustainability. Imvelo Puremazing’s newly launched range of soy-wax candles offer you a number of uplifting and refreshing fragrances that will brighten your day with each flame.